YJAAB, my story, our story ...



From the Sorbonne to ready-to-wear for veiled women.

Valedictorian at the Sorbonne University in 2008, I was far from imagining my future in fashion. My sister she did, with her fashion designer studies, she was tracing her artistic path in the family. However, fashion, the hijab especially, had already impacted my life: I think we all remember this famous law in 2004 forcing us to discover our head at the entrance of the school. I reckon that I literally took this as a harrassment. So I decided to leave school and passed my high school diploma in correspondance courses. Only during my university years I got back to school chairs, with a high determination to have my parents proud of me.

In the beginning of the story my sister and myself we arrived only the both of us in France in 1998, our parents remained in Tunisia and had entrusted us to our aunt. It was only a few years later that they joined us with all the complications of an irregular situation.


Once graduated, this veil would still impact my life putting me in front of the near impossibility for me to find a job. Graduate certainly, but still veiled ...

Only it was unacceptable for me to remain motionless face to this new barrier.


Today entrepreneur, creator of YJAAB brand

In 2012, freshly married, I decided to launch my own brand to help Muslim women to dress modestly but with elegance, BPSM was born.

6 years later, leading a team of 5 people with a more mature vision of my company, I wanted to give a new dimension to my concept and provide it an international side. Beautiful for her husband, yes, but First of all, Beautiful for herself !

It was important for me to integrate my two daughters into this vision for the brand. YJAAB, pronounced Hijab, composed of the initials of Yasmine and Jannah, the names of my daughters, my future models in sha Allah!


This new generation will have its own battles to lead but hopefully will continue to proclaim its determination in a tolerance that we must impose: MY CHOICE, MY STYLE.


If you wonder what we want more than success? This is what our team is aiming for in the months and years to come: an ever closer team, ever more satisfied customers and our own line of clothing designed by us, for you ...